Trick To Get PUBG MOBILE Free Elite Royale Pass Season 5 Right Now || Limited Stock

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is developed by Tencent Gaming and is an online multiplayer game. You can play solo, duo or squad as you want and PUBG Mobile has 4 different maps and different servers. In one match maximum player allowed is 100. PlayerUnkownBattleground.

How To Get Royale Pass And UC

We have a trick to get Free royale pass and UC. As we all know PUBG Mobile is Trending right now and is on number one. After getting Royale Pass and UC you can buy Items and many more. After upgrading to Royale Pass you are going to unlock many features which are not available right now.


PUBG Mobile UC (cash)

UC is known for Unknown Cash. If you have UC then you can buy items from the shop and also can upgrade to Royale Pass. From the shop, you can buy items like Gun Skins, Skins, Clothes, Coupons and many more.

PUBG Mobile

Steps To Get PUBG Mobile Royale Pass

Note- Required Net Banking

           You need 10 Gmail accounts older than 3-4 months

Now Follow These Steps

1. Sign out of all Gmail Accounts and clear cache and data.

2. Open Pubg Mobile and click on Buy 60 UC for 79Rs.

3. Then they will ask you to log in. Login with Fresh Gmail account

4. They will ask you for payment. Select Net banking and Then select your bank

5. After selecting your bank Click on buy then they will ask you for your password write password and then erase it (Remember Don’t log in)

Then press the Back button in your phone then you will receive a message written forget password you have to select No Thanks and again Press back button.

After that you will get a message If you make payment within 24hrs you will get Rs75 Off-‘

Now you have to make payment of Rs4. to get 60UC.

you got 60UC in just Rs4.

6. Clear cache and data.

Repeat these steps again and again with different Gmail accounts.

Repeat these steps till you get UC as many as you want.


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