Sonchiriya Movie Review: Must Watch This Movie, Says our review


Movie- Sonchiriya

Directed by- Abhishek Chaubey

Cast- Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpayee, Bhumi Padnekar

Genre- Action, Crime, Drama

The Abhishek Chaubey’s film Sonchiriya starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpayee and Bhumi Padnekar is a gripping movie. The actioner defines it all. The film starrs Sushant Singh Rajput as Lakhna, Bhumi Padnekar as Indumati and Manoj Bajpayee as Man Singh. The film is must watch, says our review, Sonchiriya definitely deserves your time if you’re looking for an interesting watch this weekend

Sonchiriya from Abhishek Chaubey is a far cry from the Bollywood dacoits we usually saw.


Sonchiriya revolves around Man Singh and his dacoit gang who are experiencing an existential crisis after taking innocent lives. But they can not surrender because a baaghi’s dharma tells them to live in the ravines and die. They meet Indumati on their journey, who saves a minor rape survivor from the men of the village.

Sonchiriya Review

The directorial venture of Chaubey belongs to the dacoit genre, but this film is predominated by the dialog on the caste system. The filmmaker draws a fantastic parallel between the food chain and the caste system. Like a snake preys on a mice and a vulture preys on the snake, the men of the upper caste prey on the men of the lower caste and the vicious cycle continues, preserving nature’s order.

There’s no caste system for women. “Aurat ki to jaat hi alag hoti hai,” says Indumati in one of the scenes, Phuliya (based on Phoolan Devi) who makes a cameo.

Chaubey’s film takes a leaf out of the 1996 Bandit Queen by Shekhar Kapoor, but Sonchiriya is not as raw as the winning film of the National Award. But setting his dacoit drama in an age when Phoolan Devi was a terrifying name in Chambal’s ravines is a touch of realism in the drama of action.

What works in favor of Sonchiriya is a powerful narrative. Whether it’s a comment on the caste system or women’s status or dacoit morals, Chaubey brings real men’s story with real problems, and that’s the film’s winning point. The first half is a gripping story with scenes of action that keep you on the seat’s edge. However, the second half of the film fizzles out in terms of pace. But that doesn’t take away the smart storytelling.

If the story is Sonchiriya’s wheel, Sushant Singh Rajput, Ranvir Shorey, Bhumi Pednekar, and Manoj Bajpayee are the ones playing the axle on their shoulders to steer the film forward. Manoj Bajpayee packs a punch in his cameo; on the other hand, Ranvir again demonstrates that he is a talented powerhouse.

But the restrained acting of Sushant Singh Rajput raises Sonchiriya to a higher level. He delves deeper into the role of a non-ruthless dacoit who stands up for justice. Bhumi Pednekar also emerges with her brilliant performance as a winner in Sonchiriya.

Chaubey brings his Udta Punjab expertise to beautiful use of Sonchiriya (the golden bird) as a salvation metaphor. A sonchiriya that everyone searches for but can not find.

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