Introducing the Battle Axe Warrior Redfinger in Cross Gate: New World

by Annie

Cross Gate: New World offers the Battle Axe Warrior class, which is renowned for its impressive burst damage in close combat. Out of the six classes accessible, the Battle Axe class is the most powerful in terms of single-target output. This class has the unique attribute of being able to deliver rapid and powerful strikes on opponents, resulting in the crippling of the enemy forces. In combat, Battle Axe Warriors are known for their ability to deliver a strong hit that can take out a single adversary, leading to a considerable decrease in the opponent’s forces. Remarkably, a perfectly timed swing of their axe can even eliminate a single foe.

A study of the proficiency of the Battle Axe Warrior is being conducted.

The Battle Axe Warrior has an impressive capability of increasing the potency of their single-target attacks, in particular their critical damage output.

The Heaven and Earth Throw is a physical attack that sacrifices accuracy for damage. It is more effective when accuracy is high or the target is asleep, as it reduces the chance of evasion. Furthermore, the class has a special move known as “Curb Arrogance and Impatience,” which lowers agility but improves attack power and critical rate. If used after the Heaven and Earth Throw, it can be particularly devastating and lethal.

Different Blades: Enhancing the user’s offensive capabilities, the use of various blades comes with a trade-off of lessened defense and spirit power. Combo effects can be activated by this skill. To yield the most benefits, it is best to use this skill without delay when beginning an attack, as the debuff will be gone after use. Another significant ability is the Shattering Strike, primarily designed to deal with opponents with strong defense and holy shields. It is noteworthy that this skill does not cause harm to foes without defense, so the timing for its implementation must be precise.

The expertise of the Battle Axe Warrior is illustrated by their talent points.

The Battle Axe Warrior has two distinct talents to choose from: Assault and Bloodthirst. Assault focuses on gaining the upper hand and has a variety of passive advantages. It does extra damage to slower opponents and gives the class an increased capability for strength when at a lower health, allowing the Warrior to become more powerful with each fight.

When a specific number of points have been allocated to the Assault talent, a new capability is unlocked called “Killing Intent”. This technique is geared toward eliminating opponents with the least amount of health remaining, delivering a decisive strike to guarantee their elimination. When it comes to assigning talents, it is recommended to prioritize Heaven and Earth Throw, however Various Blades can also be a useful main leveling skill.

The main benefit of the Bloodthirst talent is the increase in health and attack power. It is advantageous against quick opponents since it provides extra damage. When you reach a certain level, you unlock the ability “Deadly Strike” which causes tremendous damage to single targets. To get the most out of it, you should focus on Curb Arrogance and Impatience, and then focus on Various Blades.

For the Battleaxe Warrior, the primary skill allocation plan usually consists of a 2-point increase in their health and strength. This is a popular choice among Battleaxe Warrior players, as it is the only class that can wield an axe. Although the axe provides a powerful attack, it comes at the expense of agility. Therefore, agility is usually left out of the skill allocation plan. Even if some players decide to assign points to agility, the axe takes away the speed of the Battleaxe Warrior. This is why placing 2 points in health is a wise decision to increase the character’s survivability in battle, and 2 points in strength gives the Battleaxe Warrior more offensive power.

For those players who are intent on engaging in player versus player (PK) gameplay, the original skill assignment plan is tailored to them. On the other hand, if you are wanting to make use of the Battleaxe Warrior class for dungeon farming, then it is suggested to put two points towards strength and two points towards agility. Agility is especially important for the Battleaxe Warrior in dungeon scenarios since the monsters there usually have low agility. Therefore, to augment the Battleaxe Warrior’s aptitude in eliminating monsters, two points should be put towards agility.

The End Result

The Battle Axe class is known to pack a powerful punch, especially when used to decimate ranks of weaker opponents. Through careful management of skill allocation and talent choices, players can maximize their damage output. However, it takes a great deal of practice to truly master the Battle Axe Warrior in Cross Gate: New World, which is why the Redfinger Android emulator platform is such a great tool to have. With smoother gameplay and access to real-time game guides, the overall experience is significantly enhanced.

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