Do You Want to Unleash Your Culinary Creativity with Kamado Joe, Available with BBQs 2u?

by Annie

BBQs 2u has been selling barbeque foods all these days and also sells and stocks ovens made by Kamado Joe.

BBQs 2u has been very passionate about barbecues and also knows a great deal about grilling and enjoys sharing their knowledge with others, too.

The BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine awarded this Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 ceramic charcoal barbecue as Best Buy for its versatility and superior cooking performance. Featuring the following attributes, it excels in slow cooking and roasting, delivering delicious results.

  • Dual-level grilling
  • A revolutionary smoker
  • Precise thermometer
  • Lid hinge for ease
  • Cart with ash catcher.

Brief review

The Kamado Joe Classic III and Big Joe III boast updated designs with Airlift technology hinges, a 3-tier structure for simultaneous grilling, and innovative SloRoller inserts in dedicated chambers, enhancing functionality and performance.

The Kamado Joe Classic III showcases an upgraded Airlift hinge mechanism under its lid. This revamped hinge introduces pressure equalization and spring-loaded functionality, rendering the dome-shaped lid remarkably lightweight to lift.

With this Airlift apparatus, the lid’s weight is reduced by up to 96%, ensuring effortless opening while minimizing the risk of accidental slamming and potential damage. Overall, the enhanced hinge design not only facilitates easier lid operation but also enhances durability and user experience.

The Kamado Joe Classic III & Big Joe III feature newly enhanced racks divided into three tiers, offering versatile configuration options. Users can adjust the tiers into 4 or 6 curved pieces for customizable grilling setups, providing limitless possibilities to accommodate various cooking needs and preferences.

Opting for 6 grill areas enables the use of two thermal diffusing panels, while 4 areas accommodate the innovative SloRoller insert. Moreover, purchasing four additional curved pieces and two extra accessory racks expands grilling capabilities further.

This flexibility enhances cooking versatility with each Kamado Joe cooker, providing users with ample options to tailor their grilling experience to their preferences and needs.

An additional notable feature of the enhanced 3-tier grilling structure is the compatibility with a charcoal basket featuring a divider. When combined with a heat-diverting panel, this setup enables both indirect and direct grilling on separate sections, offering versatility in cooking methods.

Moreover, it facilitates easy separation of remaining charcoal from ash, streamlining cleanup and maintenance.

Overall, the Kamado Joe brand prioritizes delivering 100% customer satisfaction through its exceptional customer support. In the event of any issues, their team of experts is dedicated to providing prompt and effective solutions, ensuring a positive experience for every customer.

Upon purchasing a Kamado Joe, customers are welcomed into a family-like embrace with the assurance of a lifetime warranty covering all ceramic parts of their cooker.

Additionally, fiberglass gaskets are covered for one-year, ceramic plates for three years, and cast iron and metal parts for five years. Their paramount goal is to ensure each customer enjoys the finest grilling and smoking experiences imaginable.

BBQs 2u keeps adding new accessories and interesting features to the ovens they sell and often tweet on their Twitter account from time to time so that buyers can make an informed decision while buying Kamado Joe ovens.

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