New Technologies in Our Life

by Annie

We have done a review into how individuals feel about new innovation and its effect on individuals’ homegrown lives. We gave 55 individuals a survey and got answers from everything except four of them. 24 of our respondents are youngsters and individuals in their twenties, fifteen are in their thirties and moderately aged and the rest of resigned. The four individuals who didn’t return their surveys are all in the thirty or more age bunch.

We requested individuals the number of from the accompanying instances of present day innovation they had at home – a PC, a cell phone, an answerphone, the Internet, a camcorder, a microwave, a toaster oven, a DVD, a computerized camera, a jacuzzi. We likewise requested that they add some other instances of present day innovation which they additionally have at home. We then, at that point, mentioned them to show the amount they utilized every one of the things of current innovation that they announced having. At long last, we requested that individuals bring up whether these things of current innovation had a positive or an adverse consequence on their lives. As of now in the survey we requested that our respondents add remarks making sense of what precisely a thing of innovation had meant for their lives in one or the other positive or negative ways.

Each of our respondents have no less than two of the things on our rundown with a microwave, a PC and DVD being the things most often had. Only one of our respondents has a Jacuzzi. Three of the respondents have every one of different things however the jacuzzi. The majority of the respondents added undoubtedly another illustration of present day innovation: these included programmed clothes washers, vacuum cleaners, electric broilers, MP3 players. The more youthful the respondent, the more probable they are to utilize every one of the things they have with the exception of the DVD and the clothes washer. These were generally well known with the over-thirties. Of the multitude of things of new innovation we recorded, the camcorder was least habitually utilized – just a single time or two times every month by the young people and scarcely ever by more established age gatherings.

At the point when we found out if they felt that new innovations were influencing their lives in a good or a pessimistic manner, the youngsters as a whole and 87% individuals in the middle age bunch said that they felt that the impacts of new advances were fundamentally good. 63% of the respondents felt that new advances additionally affect their lives. The most successive benefits of new advancements are (arranged by recurrence of notice):

1. Saving time;
2. Fun;
3. Making interchanges simpler;
4. Advantageous to utilize;
5. Instructive.

The adverse consequences referenced were:
1. Hurts wellbeing;
2. The machines are continuously turning out badly;
3. Utilizes a lot of power;
4. Innovation makes individuals sluggish;
5. Diverts from considering;
6. The machines are continuously turning out badly.

All in all, new innovation is essentially affecting homegrown life. For a great many people, particularly youthful, these impacts are positive. More seasoned individuals, despite the fact that they use innovation just barely not exactly youngsters do, find it harder to adjust to it and are bound to see the issues in our reliance on it than are teens.

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